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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lab Series is only open to students who have taken the RTS Series with us in the last 2 years.

The Foundations Series is highly recommended, as we will assume prior knowledge of the content delivered. 

Absolutely. The Anatomy Lab in this phase of our education roadmap is considered Level 2. We'll assume prior knowledge of joint function, muscle attachment sites, finding an axis, understanding muscle actions, and more.

As you will have been through the Foundations Series and RTS Series, you will have the materials and experience for learning at this level of anatomy. 

You will have taken the Foundation Series (ideally), and the RTS Series prior to taking part in the Lab Series, so we'll assume prior knowledge of exercise mechanics.

This isn't necessary. You can take one, or take all.

As with all workshops in our full education roadmap, they are designed to enhance knowledge acquisition and utility, through utilising the latest research in learning. However, if you take just one module you will leave with plenty of actionable skills and knowledge.

No. No-one necessarily needs this information. These workshops have been created for those of us who are excited about taking our knowledge, skills and application to the next level.

And just as it is for each stage of the education roadmap, we need a purpose to study more. We tend to find it's born out of questions that arise when working with clients, issues we face, clients that don't achieve the results they desire. We, in turn, look for more answers.

In reality, only you can answer this question.

We have a simple 21 day policy. Check out the enrolment and cancellation button for more information

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