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Integra - Education

Courses, Workshops And Study Groups For Exercise Professionals

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Welcome to Integra - Education

The Integra - Education Roadmap is focused on one distinct purpose: to create a path for personal trainers and aligned exercise professionals, in the art and science of personal training.

From the initial consultation, to the assessment, to the exercise design process, to the communication and delivery - everything can be customised for each client.

We have developed a unique three phase education system, that delivers practical, objective and tangible skills, coupled with the latest in learning and development techniques, to ensure that you have a place to grow yourself and your business, and exceed your client's expectations.

What Integra teaches isn’t a “course” that so much of the industry pushes. It’s a way of thinking, a mindset, a thought process that is continually evolving as a life long learner.

- Gregg Slater, Head of Education, Lift the Bar

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