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About Us

We Specialise In Creating And Delivering Courses For Exercise Professionals In The Areas Of Exercise Mechanics, Anatomy, And Personal Training.

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Our Mission

We are passionate about sharing our expertise as we believe it promotes a higher standard of practice in the personal training sector. We founded Integra - Education with aim of building a learning community for people of all areas of the profession to strengthen their knowledge and enhance their offering.

Already, our courses have inspired a new way of thinking in the fitness industry; our approach has seen students become leaders in their field thanks to the guidance they received from our advanced courses.

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How We Can Help

We deliver workshops, courses and study groups that provide practical knowledge of anatomy, joint & muscle function, exercise mechanics, exercise design, and more.

No matter your skill level or experience, we provide the space and support for you to grow and develop as a fitness professional. Self-Improvement is an ongoing journey, our courses are designed to accommodate professionals at every stage in their career and the resources we provide intend to ignite a passion rather than preach a solution.

Instead of sticking to tradition, we create learning strategies that are rooted in neuroscience. This enables our students to develop, retain and utilise all of the underlying science required as an exercise professional.

What Do We Offer?

Integra offers a unique teaching method designed to introduce you to the thought process behind the facts and set you on a path for life-long-learning. To us, success starts with curiosity; it is born from a desire to learn and grow – so, rather than telling you ‘what’, we’ll show you ‘how’ and always encourage you to ask ‘why’.

Hosted in a welcoming environment, our courses invite students to explore the unknown and take on new challenges at a pace that’s comfortable for them. In our world, this is a space for professionals of every skill level to progress, practice and be part of something bigger. 

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MSc Biomechanics, University of Roehampton
Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist – RTSm (roster)
Force and the Nervous System (level 1 and Level 2), Neurophysiology Seminars – Myotopia
RTS – Mastery Level Electives
RTS – Equipment Analysis
Motor Learning: Moving from “Motor Patterns” to Motor Recruitment Realities – Paul Juris, PhD / RTS
Precision Nutrition – Level 1 Coach (roster)
National Strength and Conditioning Association – CSCS (roster)
“Manual Muscle Testing” – Art and Science: An Exploration of its History, Physics/Mechanics, and Utility in Practice – Muscle System Consortia


RTS International (RTS-INTL)
Exercise Programming Strategies – External Performance – Paul Juris, PhD / Cybex
Athletic Development Internship – Kinetic Advantage
Bodywork Therapist – University of Westminster
Sports Massage Diploma – NLSSM
Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) – Certified Practitioner – INLPA
Performance Enhancement Specialist – NASM
Certified Personal Trainer – NASM
Personal Trainer Diploma – Central YMCA
Multiple workshops industry leaders around the world in a variety of fields, including: athletic performance, biomechanics, nutrition, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting.
MAT™ Jumpstart – Muscle Activation Techniques
Muscle Activation Techniques – MAT™ Master Level Specialist (roster)

Currently Studying

Primal Blueprint Certification
Precision Nutrition – Level 2

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