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Michael Goulden – Integra

Michael Goulden

Integra Overview

Michael specialises in creating exercise strategies that help you exceed your potential.

Using his knowledge of exercise mechanics and neuroscience, Michael builds an efficient approach that is specific to your body, anatomy, training experience and desired outcome.


Michael is a Personal Trainer specialising in Exercise Mechanics. Since founding Integra in 1997, he has been integrating exercise mechanics with neuromuscular preparation to create a uniquely sustainable approach to health, fitness and performance.

His client roster includes creative professionals looking for an approach that is bespoke to them, recreational and professional athletes looking to improve their performance and reduce injury risk, clients looking to leap out of the injury rehab process they are currently in and work towards improving function, performance and decreasing pain and fellow exercise professionals who want to take their own training to the next level.

Alongside his client work, Michael teaches courses in biomechanics and personal training for Integra and is a member of the teaching staff for the Resistance Training Specialist programs. He regularly consults and lectures for companies such as Cybex and some of the top personal training companies in Europe.

Michael's approach is founded on the core value of continued education: always enquiring, exploring, refining and sharing, with the aim of enhancing his clients' performance, whatever their goal. His master's degree is in Biomechanics (MSc) and is a Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist (RTSm).

Integra's client testimonials speak for the success of his approach, but undoubtedly Michael's true strengths lie in his passion for building high quality teams, and his unfaltering dedication to sharing his learning and experience with both clients and fellow professionals, with the aim of raising standards and promoting greater accountability within the fitness industry.


  • MSc Biomechanics, University of Roehampton
  • Mastery Level Resistance Training Specialist - RTSm (roster)
  • Force and the Nervous System (level 1 and Level 2),
  • Neurophysiology Seminars - Myotopia
  • RTS - Mastery Level Electives
  • RTS - Equipment Analysis
  • Biomechanics & Cadaver Anatomy Workshop - Bio-Dynamix
  • Motor Learning: Moving from "Motor Patterns" to Motor Recruitment Realities - Paul Juris, PhD / RTS
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 1 Coach (roster)
  • National Strength and Conditioning Association - CSCS

Current Study

  • Primal Blueprint Certification
  • Precision Nutrition - Level 2

Full list of qualifications Michael's Certifications:

Michael's Qualifications










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